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BHPC ~ British Hang gliding & Paragliding Cooperative

Following some consultations with other PG, HG and PPG instructors, it has been decided to make a small name change to help BHPA Ltd registered establishments  looking for an alternative association to join us.

Also PPG and Powered HG schools or clubs no longer with the BMAA

The name Cooperative instead of Council emerged as being a one less confrontational and a more accepted name, that we believe will aid an increase in the members who are currently "frightened" to jump ship.

UK wide BHPA membership numbers have been in a steady decline in the last few years and it is clear that this is not simply due to pilots leaving the sport its self (though this is clearly a factor) it is hoped that more of these pilots may choose to join the BHPC to gain a representative voice. in view of possible changes in Europe driven legalisation effecting GA & sports aviation

By adopting this ‘Co-Op approach there is no need for that perception of ‘Them & Us’  to persist. I hope UK pilots agree this will be a positive move towards achieving our objectives and provide an independent commercial platform in the UK for ‘Free Flight’ training & clubs.

"No responsibility can be accepted by the BHPC, its owners, employees, agents or associates for any individual School or Club for it's products or services provided."

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