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Tel: 0844 357 4922



Unit 1, Hey End Farm
West Yorkshire

Contact the shop/office on 0844 357 1059
Or the duty instructor on 07973 845616/0709 200 9133

Training: Paragliding, Powered Paragliding and Hang Gliding training

Airborne was originally founded in 1973 as the Northern School of Hang Gliding, by the former Hang Gliding World Champion Graham Hobson.

In 1979 he was joined by Tony Delaney who took his first steps on the same slopes used today. Tony then spent time at various location across the country and in South Wales before returning to Manchester. Where he reunited with Graham.

Tony liked the school so much that he became a partner in 1981. Tony is now the Club Chief Flying Instructor.

The school, which is widely regarded as the most experienced in the country, flourished teaching only hang gliding until paragliders were invented. In 1989 the company had a name change to "Airborne" to incorporate paragliders.

Throughout the 1990's, Tony whilst running the school full time with his team of instructors was also dominating the competition scene, winning a string of national and international titles.

Tony runs the school with his son Oliver, who is office manager.

John, Head Of Training is Club Senior Instructor and acts as CFI when Tony is not out.

Other team members are Graham - Senior Instructor and Ned & Kevin who are assistant instructors.


call: 01773 776 367
mobile: 07973 670 052

Adam Fish “the flying fish” has been flying paramotors since the early introduction of the sport to Britain. Originally a keen skydiver he made the move to flying rather than simply falling after realising just how convenient paramotoring would be in comparison. Regularly training new students to learn to fly in the East Midlands area, Adam also provides a full range of paramotor equipment available through the Flying Fish Paramotor online store.



Precision Paragliding

c/o PBM Photographic 3 Windsor Street, Dundee DD2 1BP

Contact the studio / darkroom on 01382-667590
Or Murray Hay on 0783-11-22-480 (both No.s 24/7)

Precision Paragliding is based in Tayside, East Scotland and operates the only paragliders in the UK that are also UK registered aircraft, in addition with East Scotland Paragliding club, we are also authorised by the CAA to issue ICAO radio call signs to its members. (used when communicating via the radio with ATC units)

The majority of Precision Paragliding students are re-training PG pilots seeking to reach a far higher standard. in addition training is provided to those new to the sport.

Basic Pilot training is 15-25 hours flight time, this will generally take about 10 days spread over a few months, extensive use is made of Dual Control Tandem flights on G-BZJI. Subject to availability (photographic work) training is provided all year round and with the weather in east Scotland that generally means over 200 days flying a year.

Precision Paragling was founded by Murray Hay in the late 90’s to promote a safer, aviation based approach, to paragliding in Scotland, almost all aspects of the training is based on that used in general aviation PPL training rather than the standard approach, world wide, used in paragliding..

Murray Hay was delighted when Precision Paragliding was invited to join the BHPC in the early 2000’s following a request from the BHPC for permission to publish some of the articles he had written for Sam Gaylord’s ‘Paraglider Magazine’, an American publication he had been writing for from its premier issue, copies of some of the articles can be found on the PG Magazine link.

Ali Duncan sometimes assists as a TI, Ali started flying paragliders back in the very early days of sport in the UK, when he was a member of the then BAPC, training down in Derbyshire in the 80’s.

* TI = Trainee Instructor

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